Pourquoi choisir des fibres de bananes pour nos chaussures ?

Why choose banana fibers for our shoes?

We are constantly looking for innovative materials in order to offer eco-designed shoes from A to Z. So when we heard about banana fibers to form the upper of our sneakers, it immediately piqued o...
Comment entretenir mes SAOLA ? 🧽

How do I maintain my SAOLA? 🧽

You have just acquired your latest eco-designed shoes made from recycled materials or you are seriously thinking of taking the step, but you have questions about maintenance. Is it really worth i...


Slow fashion and fast fashion are two terms that are on everyone's lips at the moment. We can even venture to say that these two fashion industries are waging a war.
chaussures bio


We have focused on organic cotton and all issues related to this material which is becoming more and more popular in the production of ecological textiles. Interested ? It's over there !
1% pour Mwalua Wildlife Trust

1% for Mwalua Wildlife Trust

Our objective is simple: to increase this percentage from year to year and allow associations committed to the preservation of the environment, such as that of Patrick, to develop.
Différence entre vegan, végétalien et végétarien

Difference between vegan, vegan and vegetarian

Vegan, vegan, vegetarian. So many terms that correspond to food or lifestyle choices and that are often mixed up. We suggest that you see more clearly without judgment and without dogma.
Cuir vegan, découvrez les alternatives au cuir animal

Vegan leather, discover the alternatives to animal leather

The use of animal leather is increasingly controversial in a world where animal welfare is increasingly important. We campaign for the use of alternatives such as vegan leather that we present to ...
Interview avec Jules de Circul'R
entreprise éco-responsable

Interview with Jules from Circul'R

Our mission ? Enable organizations and businesses to live in harmony with nature. And what an adventure since!
Des chaussures vegan !

Vegan shoes!

Vegan shoes like vegan clothing means wearing clothing that does not contain any component of animal origin. To know if a pair of shoes is vegan, you have to find out about the materials of the ...