Des idées de cadeaux éco-responsables

Eco-friendly gift ideas

It's almost Valentine's Day and you have no idea what to give your partner? You've come to the right place because we've made a list of eco-responsible gifts for you! SAOLA SHOES, Respire, Hydroflask, Petit Bivouac, Peta...

You are in the right place if you are looking to please your loved ones because through this article we will give you several eco-responsible gift ideas that come to mind!

Come on, let's go, we present you a small kit of eco ideas for the end of year celebrations.

  • Obviously, SAOLA eco-designed shoes

Yes, what could be better than starting the year with a gesture that will please your friend or loved one as much as the planet?

It's time to kill two birds with one stone. As a reminder, if you don't yet know what SAOLA is, we are an eco-designed shoe brand. We are revolutionizing the world of textiles by making shoes from recycled plastic bottles, natural algae, organic cotton and cork.

By the way, right now the new collection is available for men and women . And if you have no idea about the color or the model, you can just as easily offer a gift card for the amount you want!

  • Breathe, your body will thank you

If you don't know again the Respire brand, we strongly suggest you take a look!

100% made in France, Respire offers healthy and gentle treatments for the body. With its natural, vegan and recyclable materials, Respire asserts itself as a new, more responsible and more ecological way of consuming. What to take care of your loved ones as it should.

Moreover, they offer many offers for the holidays and to discover their concept!

  • PETA vegan chocolates!

A classic, but one that works every time.

Take a look at Peta, which offers vegan and cruelty-free chocolate boxes . Unsurprisingly, out of stock every year. Flavor ideas? Grand Marnier marzipan truffles, orange zest cream and raspberry cream.

In addition, each order placed on Peta supports the animal cause. Are you still hesitating?

  • Hydroflask water bottle: bye bye plastic bottles!

Water, we need all the time. But that's it, the days of plastic bottles are finally over.

Hydroflask is committed to more responsible and sustainable consumption by marketing high-end stainless steel flasks and insulated bottles. Stylish and of all colors, there is something for everyone.

Special feature: you can leave a Hydroflask bottle all day on the beach in direct sunlight or under your windshield, the water will not heat up. Ditto for the cold, it will remain at the initial temperature.

We have already worked with them and we admit that the whole team has opted for this mode of consumption. What are you waiting for, you too, take the plunge?

  • GREENHOUSE ecological gift basket!

Eco -friendly gift baskets for him, her or even your pet. You will find personalized gifts that are fair trade, organic, handmade and recycled. GreenHouse also donates part of their profits to associations (rescuing cats, dogs and more).

  • Small bivouac: get ready to head out into the great outdoors!

Do you spend your year looking for little corners of paradise to land on the van-adventurer mode weekend? We invite you to discover Petit Bivouac.

Created around Grenoble by a small nature-loving family, Petit Bivouac is an eco-responsible brand made in Europe. It stands out by making everything you need for your next outing. Between mugs, t-shirts, knives, caps, hats with unique styles and designs, you will be ready for your next micro-adventure. Motivate your loved ones to escape with you to the great outdoors!

  • WILD RYE up-cycled masks in merino wool

Wild Rye makes handmade, comfortable face masks from scraps of fabric.

Their masks are hand-sewn in Mexico by seamstresses Sandra and Nellie, and constructed entirely from a blend of merino wool from the first year of production.

Soft ecological masks, which do not irritate and which protect you!

  • Bask in the sun: an eco-responsible wave

Who said Valentine's Day was only for ladies? No, you also have to please these gentlemen.

We are not the only ones to fight against Fast-Fashion. Created on the banks of Guétary, Bask in the sun is a masculine brand that advocates more ethical and responsible fashion. The founders were inspired by the heritage of marine clothing and urban fashion.

Manufactured in the North of Portugal, their ranges are made from premium fabrics. The brand also develops its own exclusive weaves in organic cotton jersey, grown without chemical inputs and colored without harmful substances. You are sure to crack in front of your man in an ethical sailor top.

Well, we have given you several ideas for eco-responsible gifts: now do your best so that the next February 14 will remain forever etched in your memory and that of your boyfriend.

  • Still running out of ideas?! Give an eco-friendly gift with The Trust Society!

This zero waste site helps you reduce your waste with local products. Here you will find a selection of sustainable products , handpicked for the whole house from the bathroom to the kitchen.

  • Mou Company: wooden glasses and watches 😎
Mou Company, originally from Biarritz, imagines and designs wooden glasses and watches . Between mountains and ocean, their teams draw their inspiration from the sports, landscapes and traditions that characterize the Basque Country .

Their wooden frames are made of bio-acetate, by hand, in an artisanal way. The raw materials come either from recycled wood or from wood from controlled and sustainably managed forests.

In partnership with Mou Company, take advantage of a 20% discount with the code SAOLA20 for the Christmas holidays :)

See you ! ❤️