Différence entre vegan, végétalien et végétarien

Difference between vegan, vegan and vegetarian

Vegan, vegan, vegetarian. So many terms that correspond to food or lifestyle choices and that are often mixed up. We suggest that you see more clearly without judgment and without dogma.

Another story of vegans, -getalians, -getarians…

How many times have you had a debate with your friends, family, or spouse, about someone vegan, vegan, or vegetarian ?

Admit that the subject has often come up on the table and that it leads to diverse and varied opinions! At Saola, we are a multicultural team with different opinions but that does not prevent us from getting along, on the contrary.

In this article, we will try to clarify the question for you without having to do 3 different searches on Google. So, before getting to the heart of the matter, we have concocted a definition “Saola sauce” for each term.

Vegan, vegetarian, vegan: definitions

vegan, what is it?

The word vegan is a term that comes to us from England and was officially added to our beloved Petit Robert in 2015 . Yes, it's not that old! The vegan designation is more a way of life than an exclusive term. To put it simply, being vegan means not consuming animal products . This choice aims to support a cause: the protection of animals who suffer atrocities and abominations for our simple comfort of life (textiles, food, consumables, etc.). By choosing not to eat meat or animal products, these people contribute to improving the living conditions of these animals. Less demand for steak, less atrocities. Logic Sherlock 🤷🏽‍♂️

Specifically, vegan people often choose to completely alter the way they interact with the conventional world we grew up in, by changing their habits . This approach mainly concerns a dietary change that is somewhat different from what we have been used to eating in recent centuries. The objective is therefore to eliminate its animal protein intake and to turn to vegetable proteins , all as rich if not more.

This change of habit also passes in the way of dressing . Many brands use leather to make their clothes. Despite the very pleasant and interesting properties of leather, it is necessary to ask the right questions about the origin of this material, which is all too often ignored. It is also for this reason that at SAOLA, we have decided not to use leather , we do not want to remove the skin of an animal for its aesthetic characteristics, especially to put them on your feet in the end 🥴

We know that there are enough materials on our small planet , much more ethical and respectful of the environment to make vegan clothes and shoes . Gone is the Stone Age when we hunted to cover ourselves with animal skin, we can finally do otherwise, we assure you, especially with vegan leather . Moreover, more and more celebrities are getting involved in vegan movements to support the animal cause and the protection of their rights .

Vegetarian, what is it?

Let's come to the vegetarians! The latter are characterized by the desire to eat only plants or products derived from animals but which do not include animal flesh directly. Vegetarians can therefore consume honey, milk or eggs .

Often, many vegetarians allow themselves to eat fish ; but in this case, it is no longer strictly speaking vegetarianism because yes, fish is indeed an animal ladies and gentlemen! As soon as we sink our teeth into an animal, we are considered carnivores, choosing to be fully vegetarian excludes any form of animal food . Wait, there are still vegans and that's a whole other story.

"If slaughterhouses had windows, everyone would become vegetarian" - Paul McCartney

Vegan, what is it?

Vegans have decided, in addition to removing meat and fish from their diet, to exclude all products of animal origin (milk, egg) .

Often characterized as "seed eaters", vegans have integrated the fact that all our food usually comes from animals can be substituted by plants . Rather ingenious but it can sometimes be difficult to find alternatives to everything that can be offered to us in shops or restaurants!

What if we thought differently?

In the end, thinking about it, if we go back a few thousand years ago, human beings were hunter-gatherers , that meant that we only ate what nature had to give us and if it didn't there were none, we adapted.

In the space of a century, our society has been built around fast food , which initiated cheap minced steaks and the standardization of products of animal origin. The major problem is that from these years, the human being began to breed hundreds of billions of animals only to meet a growing demand. What if we stopped the slaughter and started thinking differently? Good news, more and more of us are taking this path and it's rather positive because together we will succeed in #MAKEANIMPACT.

Check out Future Kind 's article for more information.

Our opinion on the matter

At SAOLA, we don't like to preach and we don't want you to change your mind . This is not our goal at all! What we want through this article is only to provide some information on the veracity of the origin of our daily habits which have become automatisms. Far too often, we blindly trust many brands without questioning the traceability of what we consume .

Through these words, we simply want to take you with us on this great adventure. 😉