Interview avec Jules de Circul'R

Interview with Jules from Circul'R

Our mission ? Enable organizations and businesses to live in harmony with nature. And what an adventure since!
Do you remember Jules Coignard and Raphael Masvinger from Circul'R ?
You know, the two entrepreneurs who created an organization to bring together companies from all over the world to provide them with solutions with the aim of a more sustainable economy? Yes those guys! We accosted them during their surf trip to France to see how things were going. 😉

SAOLA: What's new at Circul'R?

Jules: It's been 5 years since we launched Circul'R, starting with a world tour to meet entrepreneurs interested in the circular economy. For 3 years now, we have transformed this simple project into a real company with a real strength of proposal. Our mission ? Enable organizations and businesses to live in harmony with nature . And what an adventure since!

We have launched innovative programs with companies so that they can drastically reduce their impact on the planet. One of our latest successes is with Eurostar, the train that connects Paris to London. After a year of hard work, we have succeeded in setting up the first train in Europe that will no longer use single-use plastic . If this pilot project were replicated on a large scale, 5 million plastic bottles could be avoided each year. And that's just one of many programs we've launched to reduce the impact of big business on the planet . The Circul'R team has also grown and it is mainly thanks to its latest members that we have achieved these results. Thank you all!

SAOLA: On top! But suddenly we want more! What are your plans right now and where are you at?!

Jules: Recent trends are pushing companies to move from a linear business model (where you take, make, and dispose) to a circular model , where you use resources intelligently so you no longer produce waste. More than ever, companies must reinvent their activities, so that they are no longer destructive but regenerative !

Since the start of 2020, we've been working with many brands to help them change the rules of the game. We've been working with the textile industry to give a second life to products that used to be burnt or sent to landfill. We are also working on the future of packaging (reusable or compostable) for beverage companies. At the same time, we are helping a great start-up to design “zero impact” pairs of glasses.

Over the past two years, we have realized that the collective environmental consciousness has evolved in the right direction and it continues to grow! Which is a good thing. It's a huge opportunity to seize, it's time to change the way our current economic system works. It will move us away from a system that goes against nature to a system that works for her and with her. This philosophy gives us a lot of strength , courage and motivation to continue our adventure at Circul'R.

SAOLA: Are you focused on business only or do you have an impact on Mr. Everyone?

Jules: Good question! This has been one of our main questions in recent years. Should we focus on giving tools to citizens to improve their transition to a more environmentally friendly system , or rather the companies, the main polluters?

We realized that many organizations and people were already very involved such as Zero Waste, Extinction Rebellion, World Clean Up Day, not to mention our beloved Greta Thunberg, a true warrior!

When it comes to businesses, we feel we can truly change the way they do responsible business with the help of our young community.

Today, our main objective: to transform large companies.

At the same time, we have a community that is growing day by day, involved entrepreneurs or passionate people who share good practices or new ideas with us. These interactions are accelerating the transition to a regenerative economy. You can find this community on Facebook "Circul'R Disruptors", we are more than 1,000 members who use collective intelligence for the good of all and that's wonderful!

SAOLA: What companies/people inspire you at Circul'R?

Jules: The entrepreneur who was one of our main sources of inspiration, without a doubt, is Yvon Chouinard, founder of Patagonia. His book "Let My People Go Surfing" was a great help in establishing the values ​​of Circul'R and the way we work on a daily basis.

Do you know Patagonia's motto? “We are in business to save the planet” .

At Circul'R, it is also our leitmotif.

Our closest partners are doing incredible work to raise awareness about the circular economy! A few of them:

  • SAOLA, which has gone off the beaten track by designing responsible shoes with a positive impact on the planet.
  • Mud Jeans created the first circular jeans, reducing the amount of water needed to make MJ jeans by 70% compared to regular jeans.
  • Fairphone has designed an ethical and easy-to-repair smartphone

SAOLA: What does it mean to you to be a SAOLA ambassador?

Jules: Being part of the SAOLA ambassadors means being part of a community of environmental activists ! When you talk about the circular economy, which we defend every day, you have to show that there are alternatives and concrete examples to the current economic model. Clothes and shoes are our second skin and we use them every day. These themes can be used to raise awareness about the environmental crisis, especially knowing that the textile industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world. It is essential to wear shoes that match what you are fighting for. SAOLA allows us to do this. SAOLA shoes are a great way to positively communicate with people about the circular economy and practical solutions. One of the fundamental values ​​at Circul'R: “explore to inspire. ". SAOLA also embodies these values.

We must constantly be on the lookout for new solutions, then we must test them and learn more.

SAOLA: Thank you! What program for spring?!

Jules: We have fun every day at Circul'R, no need to wait for spring. But if we absolutely had to answer this question, without hesitation I would say a hike here, there, or a surf trip with the team!