Changing Tides Foundation

Changing Tides Foundation

Meet Becky Mendoza, a California-based Believer and co-founder of the " Changing Tides Foundation "

At SAOLA, we are lucky to have a handful of ambassadors called "believers" by our side. Who not only represents SAOLA, but helps to make this world a better place. Meet Becky Mendoza, a California-based Believer and co-founder of the " Changing Tides Foundation "

Changing Tides Foundation was founded in 2016 by five adventurers and nature lovers. The foundation focuses on environmental, social, health and safety initiatives and provides relief in the event of natural disasters such as in Mexico, the Caribbean, Indonesia and California. Changing Tides has created women's empowerment programs in Panama, the Dominican Republic, and their next initiative will take place in Peru this fall.

“We focus on environmental issues like single-use plastic pollution,” Mendoza explains, “and empower people and encourage them to live more responsibly. And I work with my best friends to make the world a better place. »


Each year, the average American uses 167 disposable plastic water bottles and the average American family consumes nearly 1,500 plastic bags. Unfortunately, only 23% of plastics are recycled in the United States . As you can imagine, this is becoming a major problem for our wildlife, our oceans, our environment and our livelihoods.

Changing Tides is taking a stand against single-use plastic with its third annual Plastic Swear Jar Challenge. The goal ? To raise personal awareness of the single-use plastic waste we create every day. How ? Keep track of single-use plastic usage for a week. A single-use plastic item equals one curse or $1 in the jar. At the end of the week, donate your swear words to organizations like the Changing Tides Foundation or use the money to buy reusable items so you can improve single-use plastic consumption.

Win-win? We think so!

Other initiatives!

But that's not all. There are many other initiatives underway. Living in Hawaii? Learn about the North Shore community composting movement, which aims to keep food scraps out of the landfill, reduce methane in the atmosphere, and put carbon back into the soil so that nutritious soil can be used to produce new foods.

If you're a traveler, #adventureconsciously partner with local community organizations. Do you want to launch a program that you are passionate about? Contact Changing Tides Foundation with your ideas and they will be happy to help!

Join our adventure and together we can #MAKEANIMPACT