Thirteen days of campaigning on Kickstarter and we have reached the goal of 100%. To everyone who has supported us so far, a huge THANK YOU! You are awesome !

You might be wondering what does it mean to “achieve the goal”? So, for starters, that means we're going to sleep a little better now ( hehe ), that's already it. However, the real answer is that, as with Kickstarter it's "all or nothing", now that we have reached the goal we are all sure that the project will go to the end and that the people who have supported will indeed receive their shoes because this allows us to launch our first production!

And now ?

We have a few days left before the end of the campaign ( June 28! yes, everyone will have understood by now ). Although we are extremely happy and grateful to have reached the first objective so quickly ( €25,000, anyway! ) we are not yet toasting champagne… ( or maybe a margarita or two anyway) . Why ? Because we are aiming for a new objective!

By reaching €40,000, we will be happy to offer you color options when you send us your information. We cannot do it before because of the minimum production quantities imposed on us by the suppliers of materials and our factories.

Reaching this second level will also allow us to have additional resources to develop our next models and set up the e-commerce site www.saolashoes.com. The life of the start-up that is woven in parallel with this campaign is rather exciting. We're working hard, on cool stuff and the better we do this campaign, the further we'll get!

If you have already supported the project and would like to help a little more, please continue to spread the word around you. With each new person who shares through a Facebook post for example, or with each new support that we see appearing on the campaign, we are so happy to see our mantra become a reality… TOGETHER, WE CAN #MAKEANIMPACT.

And if you haven't supported the project yet… but what the hell are you waiting for??? 😉 Here.

Thanks again !

Guillaume, Maro, Clarisse, and Aristide