Yehueda Ben-Hamo

Yehueda Ben-Hamo

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Last name :
Yehuda Ben Hamo

Location :
Carlsbad, CA, USA

Activity :
surf teacher, editor.

What I like to do :
Well, if I'm not surfing, I'm usually at the skatepark or in the mountains camping and hiking. What I like the most is being in nature with friends! I often volunteer at community events on weekends, weather permitting.

My commitments:
By helping others. It's kind of our responsibility to be full citizens and contribute to our local community or global communities (when traveling abroad) whenever we get the chance. Volunteering is really my thing. I'm not doing it for recognition but just because I think it's our duty to help each other. If there is no mutual aid, what is the meaning of our life?

Some questions !

Fish tacos - grilled or fried? None. I try to eat a responsible diet and the fishing industries just screw it up, for so many reasons!

Favorite Dance Song: Staying Alive by The Bee Gees

A travel project: surfing in Alaska Favorite animal: French bulldog

A word of advice for the next generation: Don't be like previous generations, be mindful of your natural resources and conserve what you have left. Materialism is one of the worst plagues of our time, so don't fall for it!