Leda Omstead

Leda Omstead

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Last name :
Leda Omsted

Location :
Leland, Michigan (USA)

Activity :
Stand Up Paddle athlete/coach, adventurer

What I like to do :
Surfing, snowboarding, skateboarding, whitewater Stand Up Paddle, trail running, mountain biking and yoga!

My commitments:
I believe in the healing powers of nature and keeping our bodies healthy through activity and movement. My goal is to empower women through yoga and adventure, especially in board sports.

Some questions !

Fish tacos - grilled or fried: fried, preferably in Baja, Mexico.

Favorite Dance Song: Slippery People by Talking Heads.

A travel project: Yoga in India> Diving in the Maldives> Longboard in Sri Lanka

A word of advice for future generations: the greater the risk, the greater the reward. Don't be afraid to be vulnerable.