Ian Fohrman

Ian Fohrman

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Last name :
Ian Fohrman

Location :
Denver, Colorado (USA)

Activity :
Director, Screenwriter, Photographer

What I like to do :
Skiing, cycling (MTB and road), climbing and hunting have given me everything that is important in my life. I recently heard William Finnegan (Barbarian Days of Surfing) describe surfing as a lifestyle of nature worship. I think the same applies to all sports/lifestyles and they appeal to a particular type of curious, creative, driven and fun person.

My commitments:
It's important to get involved. One of my friends decided to put positive in each of his actions. I think it can apply to work, relationships, community, and a way of being and living in general.

Some questions !

Fish tacos - grilled or fried: Tough…but I choose grilled.

Favorite dance song: The news? podcasts? I am getting old.

A travel project: Any trip where I challenge myself and engage with people and places.

Advice for future generations: Be respectful. Work hard. Don't give a damn.